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About Because Play Matters at the iSchool at Syracuse

Because Play Matters is the game lab run by Scott Nicholson out of the iSchool at Syracuse.  

The goal of Because Play Matters is to create transformative games and play for informal learning environments.

Transformative games are forms of play with goals and structure designed to change players.  The term was coined by Jesse Schell, but these games are also refered to as serious games or games for change.

Tranformative play recognizes that the structure and goals of games are not always needed, as in a museum.  Some times, the play activity itself is rich enough to be transformative.

Informal learning environments refer to spaces outside the classroom where learning takes place, such as libraries, museums, zoos, community centers, and in the home.  

 One of the channels for the Game Designers' Guild, which matches community needs for transformative games with students interested in exploring game design.

Because Play Matters grew out of the Library Game Lab of Syracuse, which was started in 2008 to understand the intersection of games and libraries.