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Here are some of the game-related classes available at Syracuse University for upcoming semesters.  To add an SU class to this list, contact Scott Nicholson at

Spring 2014

ETS 410: Practices of Games
 Faculty: Chris Hanson
This course will explore the evolving form of digital games, tracing their historical roots in traditional board games and other associated cultural modes of play to current and possible future iterations of video games.  We will employ a range of critical approaches to gaming; digital games will be “read” and critically interrogated as texts, and the relationships between game, player, design, software, interface, and structures of play will be discussed.  As we examine the development of games and their associated genres, we will investigate the historical, social, political, cultural, and economic contexts of individual games, and consider the relationship of games to other media forms and texts.  Attendance at weekly screenings will be required, which will combine examples from other media along with those of games.

IST 400 – Gamification Journey (Honors course)
Faculty: Scott Nicholson
The goal of this course is to escort players from non-involvement in a real world setting to being part of a community of practice using game design elements. During this class, students will explore existing gamification systems, design their own system of meaningful gamification, and then plan out the entire gamification journey for a commercial or non-profit setting. As this is a design class, no programming skills are required.

IST 500: Transformative Game Design
Faculty: Scott Nicholson
In this class, students will create a game designed to change the player.  Games will be placed in an organizational context and will be designed to meet the goals of that organization.  Throughout the course, students will create their own game prototype as they learn the basics of creating a game.  While the lessons will be taught using tabletop games, the underlying design concepts will also apply to digital game design.  Students can choose to create a tabletop or digital game, based upon their prior experience.  No programming skills are requried.

TRF 400: New Narrative: Video Game Writing & Narrative Design
Faculty: Keith Giglio
This class will focus on what goes into writing an immersive narrative: The class will explore game design, challenges of writing for immersive media, balancing story and gameplay, independent games and mainstream games; and also, employment opportunities for the writer in this new media. Students level up and learn all aspects of video game writing as they develop a Game Design Document. 
CAR 230: Topics in Computer Gaming I 
Faculty: Meyer Giordano
Exploring computer gaming topics assigned at the outset of the semester. Topics may include mobile gaming, pervasive gaming, self-made alternative game controllers for existing games, or 3D gaming. 
Prerequisite: CAR 111